Music Together® Online Pricing

WINTER 2021: Music Together Online (MTO)

Registration includes a CD and songbook of the Winter collection you choose:

  • Bells collection for our signature Mixed Ages (newborn - 6 years old) and Babies (newborn - 9 months) classes
  • Elephant collection for the Rhythm Kids (4-6 or 6-8 years old) classes
  • El Cascabel collection for the Canta y Baila Conmigo® (newborn to 6 years old) classes

You'll also receive a code for a digital download of your collection and unlimited “bonus” classes in the Winter semester. (Note: Rhythm Kids, Babies and CyBC families are invited for unlimited mixed ages classes--see below for package to add-on if you'd like to purchase the Bells CD/songbook)

Grandparents or older relatives are free to join you in a zoom class, space permitting. In addition, there’ll be dance parties, pre-recorded and lullaby time videos, and a private Facebook Group open only to Winter '21 families.

We're excited to continue this winter:

  • A Zoom-along concert with Uncle Gerry
  • Dance Party Zooms, including a special Valentine's dance party with a guest DJ
  • PJ Lullaby Zooms
  • Bonus coloring pages or activities as they relate to the music collection


  • Package A: $232 (MTO Mixed Ages w/ Bells materials - 10 weeks)
  • Package B: $156 (MTO Babies w/ Bells materials - 6 weeks)
  • Package C: $232 (CYBC Online w/ El Cascabel materials and Online Family Playground - 10 weeks)
  • Package C1: $137 (Add CYBC Online w/ El Cascabel materials to Mixed Ages or Rhythm Kids enrollment- 10 weeks)
  • Package C2: $274 (CYBC Online w/ El Cascabel materials AND Bells materials - 10 weeks)
  • Package D: $232 (Rhythm Kids Online w/ Elephant materials - 10 weeks)
  • Package D1: $274 (Rhythm Kids Online w/ Elephant AND Bells materials - 10 weeks)
  • Package D2: $137 (Rhythm Kids Online add-on class w/ Elephant materials - 10 weeks)


- Refer a friend!  Have a friend (that is new to our program) mention your name on their registration form and we will send you a coupon code for $10 off your registration.
- Siblings attend free! One registration price for the entire family!
- Military discount of 10% off your enrollment fees.  Email us a copy of your military ID and we will send you a coupon code